Aug 23, 2019 COMMENTARY: California OEHHA and EPA's Prop. 65/FIFRA Skirmish—The Latest in a 30 Year Dispute over Pesticide Labeling
Mar 07, 2019 California DPR to Develop Comprehensive Reports to Justify Pesticide Product Registrations and Amendments
Jun 14, 2018 OEHHA Announces Public Hearing on Proposed Changes to Safe-Harbor Warnings for Pesticide Products under Prop 65
Feb 15, 2018 Pesticide Regulation Alert: California DPR Imposes New Copper-Based Antifouling Paint and Coating Regulations
Feb 15, 2018 EPA Increases FIFRA Maximum Civil Penalty Amount
Feb 15, 2017 H.R. 1029 - Reauthorization of PRIA, the Pesticide Fee-for-Service Program
Sep 06, 2016 Comment Deadline Extended to September 14th, 2016 on Criteria EPA will use for Non-AG Pesticides to Qualify for Minor Use Registration Incentives
Aug 25, 2016 PR Notice 2016-X/2016-XX Labeling for Pesticide Resistance/Guidance for Herbicide Resistance Management, Labeling, Education, Training and Stewardship
Jan 04, 2016 EPA's Central Data Exchange (CDX) Available for Pesticide Establishment Reporting
Jul 09, 2015 Recent Antimicrobial Registration Provides for Intermediate Master Batches
Dec 11, 2014 EPA Office of Pesticide Programs – Removal of Certain Inert Ingredients from Approved Chemical Substance List – Extension of Comment Period
Oct 28, 2014 EPA Targets 72 Inert Pesticide Ingredients for Removal
May 03, 2012 Scientific Advantage Brochure
Jan 19, 2012 EPA Reveals Environmental and Sustainable Technology Evaluations Project for Microbial Resistant Building Products
Sep 29, 2011 EPA Pesticide Enforcement to Focus on Imports and Supplemental Distribution
Jul 25, 2011 Top Science, Trade, and Regulatory Advisors Set the Tone for Securing US Lead in Nanotechnology Regulation and Take Aim at EPA Pesticide Office Proposal
Feb 15, 2011 EPA Proposes to Strengthen Rule on Human Testing that Involves Pesticides
Feb 03, 2011 Pesticides Alert: Reckitt Benckiser Wins Battle With EPA
Dec 07, 2010 Keller and Heckman Provides Comments on European Commission's Proposed Definition of Nanotechnology
Sep 23, 2010 EPA Targeting Retailers Under FIFRA
Aug 17, 2010 Testing Orders for Endocrine Effects of Pesticide Inerts: EPA is Batting only 222
Aug 06, 2010 Nanotechnology Defined
Jan 11, 2010 Pesticides Alert: EPA Seeks Comments on Proposal to Disclose Pesticide Inert Ingredients
May 17, 2007 EPA-DOJ "Global Settlement" Approach to Civil and Criminal Liability
Nov 27, 2006 Pesticide Alert November 2006
EPA Issues Final Rule on Pesticide Applications to Water
Aug 10, 2005 Pesticide Alert August 2005
Feb 10, 2005 Should EPA Implement the GHS for Pesticide Products?
Nov 23, 2004 It's Time to Change EPA's Treated Article Exemption
Apr 05, 2004 FDA Permits Use of Antimicrobial in Poultry Processing
Feb 05, 2004 Nanotechnology and Pesticide Apparel
Jan 25, 2004 2004 Vision Consumer Products Conference
Jun 24, 2003 Pesticide Alert June 24, 2003
Court Decision on Human Testing Could Affect PR Notices
Jun 20, 2003 Pesticide Data Compensation Services
Jun 01, 2003 Environmental Reporting and Recordkeeping: Sound Strategies and Legal Insights
May 12, 2003 Pesticide Alert May 12, 2003
EPA to Develop Standards on Use of Human Testing
Apr 21, 2003 Selling and Licensing Safety Data
Mar 20, 2003 Litigation Alert March 20, 2003
CCA-Treated Wood - Potential Litigation
Apr 26, 2002 EPA Issues Draft PR Notice on False and Misleading Pesticide Brand Names
Mar 07, 2002 EPA Revises Proposed Tolerance Processing Fees for Inert Ingredients of Pesticides
Dec 07, 2000 EPA Proposes to Eliminate Phenol Resistance as Part of Antimicrobial Efficacy Testing
Nov 30, 2000 2000 - Pesticide Registration Notices
Oct 24, 2000 Antimicrobial Regulation Technical Corrections Act Becomes Law; Jurisdictional Chaos Created by FQPA Also Addressed in a Joint FDA/EPA Policy Statement
Aug 23, 2000 Comments on Proposed Tolerance Processing Fees for Inert Ingredients of Pesticides
Aug 09, 2000 EPA Makes Changes to Pesticide Product First Aid Statements
May 08, 2000 Background on EPA's Regulation of Pesticide Inert Ingredients
May 08, 2000 The Next Pesticide Data Compensation Battleground: Inert Ingredients
May 03, 2000 Comments on EPA’s Guidance for Performing Aggregate Exposure and Risk Assessments
Feb 18, 2000 EPA Issues Final PR Notice Providing Guidance on the Treated Articles Exemption
Feb 01, 2000 Competitors, FTC, EPA Take Aim at Antimicrobial Ads
Jan 21, 2000 Comments on EPA’s Proposed 40 CFR Parts 152 and 156, Registration Requirements for Antimicrobial Pesticide Products
Nov 24, 1999 EPA’s New "Threshold of Regulation" (TOR) Policy For Pesticides
Oct 01, 1999 FTC Acts Against Company Making Antimicrobial Claims
Sep 13, 1999 FDA Guidance Helps Clarify Jurisdiction Under the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act Over Residues of Antimicrobial Substances on Food
Apr 29, 1999 Comments on EPA'S Proposed Threshold of Regulation Policy
Oct 16, 1998 Antimicrobial Treated Article Coalition: Main Page
Oct 09, 1998 Antimicrobial Treated Article Coalition: Comments of the Antimicrobial Treated Article Coalition on EPA's Federal Register and Draft Pesticide Registration Notice on Treated Articles
Oct 09, 1998 Antimicrobial Treated Article Coalition: Background Information
Oct 09, 1998 Antimicrobial Treated Article Coalition: ATAC's Amicus Brief to the U.S. Supreme Court in Hoechst Celanese Corporation v. United States of America
Oct 09, 1998 Antimicrobial Treated Article Coalition - ATAC's Comments to the Office of Pesticide Programs on the Draft PR Notice
Sep 11, 1998 Antimicrobial Treated Article Coalition: The Treated Articles Exemption
Aug 20, 1998 Antimicrobial Treated Article Coalition: Federal Register Notice of Draft PR Notice
Aug 19, 1998 Antimicrobial Treated Article Coalition: Draft of Pesticide Registration (PR) Notice on Treated Articles
Aug 17, 1998 New FIFRA Adverse Effects Reporting Requirements: Effective Date Delayed
Aug 11, 1998 Agricultural Products Treated with Methyl Bromide Are Not Subject to Labeling for Ozone-Depleting Substances
May 13, 1998 EPA's Scientific Advisory Groups Begin Reporting on Endocrine Disruptors
Mar 10, 1997 Options for the Regulation of Unavoidable, Inadvertent Pesticide Residues (Q3 Contaminants) in Food