Jan 23, 2019 OSHA Increases Civil Penalties to Adjust for Inflation
Dec 01, 2014 Workplace Safety Guidance Information Resource: Highly Infectious Diseases
Oct 30, 2013 OSHA Proposes Revisions to Crystalline Silica Standard
Oct 30, 2013 Sixth Circuit Decision Upholds Board Decision Permitting "Micro Units"
Oct 30, 2013 Second Circuit Rules Class Action Waiver In Arbitration Agreement is Enforceable
Oct 30, 2013 State and Local Laws Expand Employer Duty to Accommodate Family Status
Oct 30, 2013 First Circuit Rules That Employee Work During Break Times Constituted Uncompensated Overtime
Jul 12, 2013 Supreme Court Requires "But-For" Causation in Title VII Retaliation Claims
Jul 12, 2013 Supreme Court to Consider Scope of SOX Whistleblower Protections
Jul 12, 2013 OSHA Opines That A Union Representative May Accompany OSHA During Worksite Inspections of Non-Unionized Workplaces
Jul 12, 2013 Offer of Judgment Moots FLSA Collective Action Cases
Jul 12, 2013 NLRB General Counsel Opines That Blanket Policies Mandating Confidentiality In Internal Investigations Violate the NLRA
Jul 12, 2013 Fifth Circuit Applies Outside Salesman Exemption to Route Drivers
Jul 12, 2013 Supreme Court Limits the Definition of a Supervisor Under Title VII
Jul 12, 2013 Individual Damages Calculations Do Not Defeat Class Certification in Ninth Circuit Wage and Hour Case
May 14, 2013 DC Circuit Strikes Down NLRB Union Poster Rule
Apr 12, 2013 DC Court of Appeals Finds NLRB Lacks Authority to Act
Apr 12, 2013 Seventh Circuit Limits What Constitutes a "Medical Inquiry" under Americans with Disabilities Act
Apr 12, 2013 U.S. Supreme Court Requires Commonality In Damages for Class Certifications
Apr 12, 2013 Circuits Split on Whether Post-Charge Retaliation Claim Requries New Charge
Apr 12, 2013 Supreme Court Grants Certiorari On Mixed Motive in Retaliation Claims
Mar 04, 2013 Harris v. City of Santa Monica: Wrongful Termination: Mixed Motives and Damages in California
Jan 11, 2013 Virginia Supreme Court Case Affirms Non-Compete Agreement
Jan 11, 2013 Virginia Supreme Court Allows Wrongful Discharge Claim to Proceed Against Individuals
Jan 11, 2013 Sixth Circuit Rejects Constructive Knowledge Argument in FLSA Class Action for Failure to Pay for Interrupted Breaks
Jan 11, 2013 Court Rejects Proposed FLSA Collective and Class Action Settlement
Jan 11, 2013 Eight Circuit Affirms "Honest Belief" Rule in Internal Investigations, Further Setting Split in Circuits
Nov 29, 2012 NLRB Provides At-Will Employment Guidance
Nov 28, 2012 Failure to Log Hours Dooms Nurse's FLSA Suit
Oct 26, 2012 NLRB Finds Confidentiality Instructions to Violate the National Labor Relations Act
Sep 06, 2012 Review Commission Decision Invites OSHA to Implement I2P2 through an Expansive New Interpretation of Existing Construction Accident Prevention Program Standard
Apr 13, 2012 Employment Alert: Supreme Court Asked to Clarify Definition of "Supervisor" under Title VII
Apr 13, 2012 Employment Alert: NLRB Ruling Paves the Way for More Off-Site Union Elections
Apr 13, 2012 Maryland Passes Bill Ensuring Social Media Password Privacy for Employees
Feb 29, 2012 Client Alert: NLRB Releases Report on Social Media Cases
Feb 14, 2012 KH Workplace Update
Jan 05, 2012 SEC Unveils New Dodd-Frank Mine Safety Disclosure Requirements
Nov 22, 2011 OSHA Issues Interim Rules Implementing the Whistleblower Provisions of the Dodd-Frank Act and Sarbanes-Oxley Act In Favor of Employees
Apr 25, 2011 Should Unions Be Allowed To Discipline Employees For Reporting Safety Violations?
Apr 12, 2011 Employment Alert: The Social Security Administration Resumes Sending No Match Letters to Employers
Apr 05, 2011 Employment Alert: Sixth Circuit Upholds Employer's Right to Deny an Employee a Promotion, Even After Employee's Safety Complaints
Mar 04, 2011 Employment Alert: Supreme Court Rules Corporations Do Not Have "Personal Privacy" Under FOIA
Mar 04, 2011 Employment Alert: Supreme Court Issues Decision in Staub v. Proctor Hospital Case
Feb 10, 2011 Whistleblower Alert: Internal Complaints Are Protected Whistleblower Activity, ARB Affirms
Feb 01, 2011 I-9 Compliance Alert: ALJ rejects ICE Fine Methodology and Reduces Proposed Civil Money Penalties 75%
Jan 24, 2011 Whistleblower Alert: Politics and Procedures: OSHA Keeps Control and DOL Conforms Energy and Environmental Whistleblower Regulations
Jan 05, 2011 Client Alert: Employer Compliance Guidance for Whistleblower Provisions Under New Food Safety Modernization Act
Nov 04, 2010 Employment Alert: EEOC Claims U.S. Steel's Alcohol Testing Policy Violates ADA
Sep 16, 2010 Employment Alert: New I-9 Audit Blitz
Sep 08, 2010 Whistleblower Alert: DOL/OSHA Publishes Interim Final Rule For Handling Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act Whistleblower Cases, Reiterates Existing Jurisdictional Limits
Sep 02, 2010 Whistleblower Alert: DOL Publishes Interim Final Rule Implementing Amendments to the STAA Whistleblower Provisions Contained in the 9/11 Commission Act of 2007
Aug 30, 2010 Employment Alert: Final Un-Appealed Administrative Decision Acts as Collateral Estoppel in Subsequent State Court Whistleblower Action
Jul 28, 2010 Client Alert: Whistleblower Advocates Celebrate Signing of The Dodd-Frank Act
May 24, 2010 Client Alert: WHD Tells Stakeholders: "We Can Help." Better Watch Out If You're an Employer, However
May 03, 2010 OSHA's Proposed Severe Violator Enforcement Program
Dec 16, 2009 Immigration Worksite Enforcement Alert
Nov 23, 2009 DHS/ICE Serves 1000 New I-9 Notices of Inspection on Targeted Critical Infrastructure Employers
Nov 02, 2009 NEW E-Verify Supplemental Guide Just Released by USCIS
Oct 08, 2009 EEOC ADAAA NPRM Guarantees Spike In Disability Discrimination Claims and Creates a Backdoor Ergonomics Rule
Aug 27, 2009 Court Upholds FAR E-Verify Rule – Set To Take Effect September 8, 2009
Aug 24, 2009 Client Alert: California Supreme Court Finds in Favor of Employer in Video Surveillance Case
Jul 16, 2009 Employment Alert: Supreme Court Places Employers in The Middle of The Racial Divide
Jul 02, 2009 Employment Alert: ICE Announces Nationwide I-9 Audits Against Targeted Employers
Jun 02, 2009 Client Alert: Employee Retaliation Claims for Failure to Use HR Portal Due to Privacy, Security Fears To Be Heard by Jury
Apr 02, 2009 Employment Alert: Unionized Employers Win Right to Arbitrate Age Discrimination Claims
Mar 12, 2009 Managing Exposure to ADEA Liability in Executing Layoffs
Mar 10, 2009 Equal Employment Opportunity Commission Releases Proposed Regulations to Prohibit Genetic Discrimination or Misuse of "Genetic Information"
Feb 17, 2009 Congress to TARP Recipients: "Employ American Workers – Not H-1B's"
Jan 23, 2009 Supreme Court Grants Cert on Burden of Proof in ADEA Cases
Dec 15, 2008 USCIS Changes Employment Eligibility Verification (I-9) Form
Nov 17, 2008 FAR Councils Publish Final E-Verify and Self-Reporting/Business Ethics Rules
Oct 24, 2008 DHS Reissues August 2007 No Match Rule With No Substantive Change
Sep 01, 2008 The ADA Amendments Act of 2008 Takes Effect January 1, 2009
Aug 08, 2008 Congress Enacts Broad New Whistleblower Protections For Employees Engaged in the Manufacture, Labeling, Distribution, and Sale of Consumer Products
Jun 11, 2008 President Bush Signs Executive Order Mandating That Federal Contractors Use E*Verify
May 01, 2008 Client Alert: Update on the Electronic Verification Debate
Mar 26, 2008 Employment Law Alert - DHS Issues Supplemental Proposed Rule Regarding the No-Match Letter Safe Harbor
Feb 15, 2008 DOL Announces Its Intent to Publish a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking Significantly Altering the Processing and Policing of Temporary Agricultural Labor Certifications
Feb 12, 2008 DOL Proposes Changes To Family Medical Leave Act Regulations
Jan 28, 2008 National Defense Authorization Act Expands FMLA Leave to Cover Military Families
Jan 22, 2008 Employment Law Alert - I-9 Audits Return - Targeting Employers Suspected of Constructive Knowledge in Employing Illegal Workers
Dec 07, 2007 Employment Law Alert - Federal Court Dismisses Challenge to Legal Arizona Workers Act of 2007
Nov 12, 2007 Legal Times - Retire? Maybe Not
Nov 01, 2007 Employment Law Alert - Department of Homeland Security Issues Revised Employment Eligibility Verification From I-9
Oct 11, 2007 Employment Law Alert - Court Preliminarily Enjoins Implementation of DHS No-Match Rule
Oct 09, 2007 Ninth Circuit Adopts Three-Day Receipt Rule
Dec 11, 2006 The Employment Law Aftermath:
Ninth Circuit Holds that Hearing is Not "Business Necessity" for Drivers Under Americans with Disabilities Act
Jun 29, 2006 Employment Law Alert June 29, 2006
Supreme Court Substantially Broadens Scope of Retaliation Claims
Jun 07, 2006 Employment Law Alert June 7, 2006
Court Holds Full Disclosure Must Accompany Reduction-In-Force Waivers
Feb 21, 2006 Employment Law Alert February 21, 2006
Tenth Circuit Holds English-Only Policy May Violate Title VII
Jan 20, 2006 Employment Law Alert January 20, 2006
Ninth Circuit Held That Decision Not to Reinstate Employee with History of Criminal Violence Violates ADA
Nov 11, 2005 Employment Law Alert November 11, 2005
Supreme Court Rules on Waiting and Walking for PPE
Aug 29, 2005 Employment Law Alert August 29, 2005
Well Known Personality Test Ruled To Violate ADA
Jul 26, 2005 Employment Law Alert, July 25, 2005
Fourth Circuit Bars Any Waiver Under FMLA
May 25, 2005 Employment Law Alert May 25, 2005
Court Allows Constructive Discharge Claim Under FMLA
Apr 01, 2005 SHRM Legislative Update
Mar 30, 2005 Employment Law Alert March 30, 2005
Supreme Court Rules That ADEA Allows Disparate Impact Claims
Mar 29, 2005 Workplace Alert March 2005
Comments on Revised ADA Standards Due May 31, 2005
Mar 16, 2005 Employment Law Alert- March 16, 2005
Without More, Lateral Transfer At Same Pay And Benefits Is Not An "Adverse Action" In Discrimination Law
Feb 18, 2005 Employment Law Alert- February 18, 2005
Congress Enacts Class Action Fairness Act of 2005
Jan 21, 2005 Employment Law Alert - January 21, 2005
Third Circuit Held That Requirement To Remove Confederate Flag From Vehicle Is Not By Itself A Violation Of Title VII
Jan 19, 2005 OSHA/Employment Law Alert - OSHA Standards Improvement Project - Phase II Final Rule
Dec 07, 2004 Employment Law Alert December 7, 2004
Employer Consent Required Before Combining Regular Employees With Joint Employees Into Single Bargaining Unit
Dec 01, 2004 Workplace Alert December 2004
2005 Spending Bill Passed Without Overturning Department of Labor Overtime Rules
Dec 01, 2004 2005 Spending Bill Passed Without Overturning Department of Labor Overtime Rules
Nov 16, 2004 American Jobs Creation Act Changes Tax Liability for Plaintiff's Attorney's Fees in Employment Lawsuits
Nov 01, 2004 Workplace Alert November 2004
NIOSH Releases 2004 Edition of "Respirator Selection Logic"
Sep 29, 2004 Second Circuit Holds That ADEA Covers Disparate Impact
Sep 01, 2004 Be Prepared for E-Discovery
Aug 12, 2004 Employment Law Alert August 12, 2004
California's Private Attorney General Law Amended
Jun 22, 2004 Developments in the Americans with Disabilities Act
Jun 07, 2004 Prospective Amendments to the Polymer Exemption Affecting Fluoropolymers
Jun 01, 2004 Watch for New Overtime Regs
May 10, 2004 Wage, Hour, and Overtime Issues - An Overview of the Department of Labor's New Overtime Regulations
May 06, 2004 Employment Law Alert May 5, 2004
Court Held that Waiver of Discrimination Claims as a Condition of Continued Employment is Unenforceable
Apr 20, 2004 Employment Law Update: New Overtime Rules
Apr 01, 2004 Employment Law Updates That Could Effect Your Dealership
Feb 25, 2004 Supreme Court Holds That The ADEA Does Not Allow "Reverse" Age Discrimination Claims
Dec 03, 2003 Employment Law Alert December 3, 2003
Supreme Court Rules That Neutral Policy That Bars Rehiring Recovered Drug Addicts Does Not Violate ADA
Nov 21, 2003 Employment Law Alert November 21, 2003
Court Held Coworker Testimony About Employee's Performance is Virtually Irrelevant
Oct 30, 2003 ADA Case Turns on "Interactive Process"
Oct 24, 2003 Employer's Attempt To Stop Ex-Employee's Spam Fails
Sep 30, 2003 EU Member States Urged to Improve Data Transfer Notification Practice
Jul 31, 2003 Employment Law Alert July 31, 2003
Supervisor's Casual Comments During Job Interview Caused Fixed Term Contract
May 30, 2003 Employment Law Alert May 30, 2003
Employer's Failure to Accommodate Gave Rise to Constructive Discharge Claim
May 21, 2003 Practical Tips on Privacy-Respectful HR Data Practices
May 13, 2003 Workplace Advisory May 2003, Issue No. 15
May 12, 2003 Workplace Alert May 12, 2003
OSHA Announces Draft Ergonomics Guidelines for Retail Grocery Stores
Apr 22, 2003 Employment Law Alert April 22, 2003
Supreme Court Affirms EEOC Test Defining "Employee" In Professional Corporations
Apr 01, 2003 Transferring HR Data to the US from EU May Hit a Snag
Mar 28, 2003 Employment Law Alert March 28, 2003
Department of Labor to Propose Changes to Overtime Eligibility
Feb 12, 2003 Employment Law Alert February 12, 2003
Michigan Executive Order May Bar Contractors for Employment and OSHA Violations
Jan 16, 2003 Employment Law Alert January 16, 2003
Prerequisite Safety Training Not Always Compensable Under FLSA
Nov 19, 2002 Employment Law Alert November 19, 2002
Regular Attendance May Be Essential Job Function Under ADA
Oct 31, 2002 Employment Law Alert October 31, 2002
Title VII does not Preclude Sexual Harassment Claims on the Basis of Sexual Orientation
Oct 25, 2002 EU Data Directive: HR Data and Transfers of HR Data Outside the EU
Sep 26, 2002 Employment Law Alert September 26, 2002
Temporary Employees May Be Able To Sue Host Company Under Title VII
Aug 16, 2002 Employment Law Alert August 16, 2002
New Corporate Responsibility Statute Includes Employee Whistleblower Protection Provision
Jul 16, 2002 Employment Law Alert July 16, 2002
DC Court Held that Improperly Drafted Employee Handbook Could Undermine The Employer's Ability To Terminate An Employee At Will
Jun 11, 2002 Employment Law Alert June 11, 2002
ADA Allows Employer To Refuse To Hire Person Whose Disability Poses Direct Threat To Self When Performing Job
Jun 07, 2002 Employment Law Alert June 7, 2002
Neutral Administrative Policies do not Relieve Employer of ADA Duty to Consider Reasonable Accommodations
Apr 29, 2002 Employment Law Alert April 29, 2002
In ADA Case, Supreme Court Holds that Seniority System Usually, but not Necessarily, Makes Job Transfer an Undue Hardship Under ADA
Apr 16, 2002 Employment Law Alert April 16, 2002
Supreme Court Upheld Employer's Leave Policy Despite Failure to Designate as FMLA Leave
Feb 14, 2002 Employment Law Alert February 14, 2002
Knowledge of Employee's Condition Could Imply Notice that Absence may be FMLA Leave
Jan 25, 2002 Drafting and Litigating Non-Compete Agreements
Jan 18, 2002 U.S. Supreme Court Rules That Arbitration Agreements Do Not Bar EEOC From Seeking Damages
Jan 09, 2002 Employment Law Alert January 9, 2002
Supreme Court Limits ADA in Carpal Tunnel Case
Dec 19, 2001 Employment Law Alert December 19, 2001
New Case Suggests Training is Essential so that Supervisors Don't Ignore Signs of Harassment in Workplace
Nov 05, 2001 Employment Law Alert November 5, 2001
Employment Law Protections for Military Reservists Which Every Employer Should Know
Aug 13, 2001 Employment Law Alert August 13, 2001
Supreme Court Lifts $300K Damages Cap on Employee Suits
Jul 23, 2001 Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Sexual Harassment in the Trade Association Workplace
Jul 17, 2001 Employment Law Alert July 17, 2001
Genetic Information Protection Sought on Capitol Hill
Jan 29, 2001 How Relocation Affects the Employment At Will Relationship
Jun 01, 1998 Workplace Advisory June 1998, Issue No. 14
Jan 01, 1998 Workplace Advisory January 1998, Issue No. 13
Feb 01, 1997 Workplace Advisory Winter/Spring 1997