George G. Misko

Aug 19, 2020 California Evaluates Food Packaging Under its Safer Consumer Products Program
Jul 07, 2020 Mitigating Risk through Food Packaging
Feb 27, 2020 FDA Permanently Exempts Type III DMFs for Drug Packaging Materials from eCTD Format Requirement
Feb 21, 2020 Biobased Plastics and the Sustainability Puzzle
Aug 21, 2019 U.S. and EU Approaches to Defining and Evaluating Impurities and NIAS in Food Contact Materials
Jul 18, 2019 FDA Proposes Exempting Type III DMFs from Electronic Formatting Requirement
Feb 25, 2019 Japan's Regulation of Food Contact Materials - A Step Closer to the New Positive List System
Feb 22, 2019 Plastic Packaging in a Circular Economy
Jan 10, 2019 The Regulation of Food Packaging
Jun 20, 2018 Ensuring the Safety of Food Contact Materials: GMPs and Beyond
Jun 06, 2018 USDA Proposes National Bio-engineered Food Labeling Disclosure Rules
Jan 08, 2018 FDA Announces Enforcement Discretion for Food-Contact Substance Compliance with FSVP
Dec 13, 2017 The Regulation (and Deregulation) of Additives for Use in Food Contact Paper in the U.S.
Oct 12, 2017 USDA sets new labeling disclosures for bio-engineered foods
Aug 15, 2017 What's Behind FDA's Increased FCN Deficiency Letters Related to EAs and How to Respond
Apr 11, 2017 The Final GRAS Regulation: Putting the Voluntary Notification Procedure in Place
Dec 09, 2016 FDA Issues Draft Guidance on FCN Submissions for Substances Intended to Contact Infant Food
Oct 07, 2016 Colorants in Food Packaging: U.S. FDA Safety Requirements
Sep 12, 2016 George Misko Authors Article on GM Labeling for Packaging Digest Magazine
Aug 17, 2016 FDA Issues Final GRAS Rule; Formally Adopts Voluntary Notification Process
May 16, 2016 California to Allow Temporary Point-of-Sale, Prop 65 Warnings for BPA Exposure
Apr 21, 2016 Changes Afoot for Safety Assessments of Food Packaging
Apr 11, 2016 The Increasing Scrutiny of Food Packaging
Jan 05, 2016 FDA Denies Petition for GMO Labeling
Oct 20, 2015 FDA's Multiple "Conditions of Use"
Jun 18, 2015 EPA Studies Food Packaging with Nanoscale Antimicrobials
Jun 12, 2015 FDA Regulation of Adhesives in Food Packaging
Apr 07, 2015 U.S. Beer Label Formats Determined By Product's Ingredients
Jan 09, 2015 FDA Agrees to Finalize the GRAS Notification Process
Dec 15, 2014 FTC Continues to Challenge Claims for Biodegradable Plastics
Nov 17, 2014 Packaging Gets Reprieve From California's Product Safety Regs--For Now
Oct 07, 2014 Regulation of Food Packaging in Canada
Sep 08, 2014 Canada Proposes Changes to Nutrition Information on Food Labels
Jul 15, 2014 New Vermont GMO Labeling Law Fuels Debate
Jun 05, 2014 The Regulation of Antimicrobials in Food Packaging
Jun 04, 2014 California Proposes More Detailed Prop 65 Warnings
May 09, 2014 Proposed Nutrition Facts Label Changes Reflect New Scientific Understandings
May 01, 2014 FDA Package Design Cues: Beverage...Or Dietary Supplement
Feb 27, 2014 Make Sure Alternative Wine Packaging Complies with Federal Requirements
Oct 01, 2013 SPECIAL FOOD PACKAGING ALERT: Government Shutdown Now in Effect
Jul 18, 2013 George Misko Authors Article on BPA and California's Prop 65 for Food Chemical News
Jul 18, 2013 George Misko Authors Article on the Regulation of Printing Inks on Food Packages in the EU
Jun 20, 2013 Prop 65 Warnings for Benzophenone to be Required Beginning June 22, 2013
Apr 05, 2013 Partner George Misko Authors Article in the April/May Issue of Food Safety Magazine
Oct 19, 2012 Partner George Misko Authors Article on Attaining Clearances for Food-Packaging Materials
Jun 07, 2012 Now on Japanese Food Packaging Regulations Update; Commentary on Proposed FCN User Fees in U.S.
Apr 14, 2011 Packaging Law Alert: China Publishes Procedure for Clearing New Food-Contact Substances
Jul 01, 2009 China publishes list of new additives authorized for use in food packaging
Apr 01, 2009 Responsibility in the 21st Century
Feb 01, 2009 What to Expect with Food Safety in the Obama Administration
Oct 01, 2008 Canada's Rush to Judgement on BPA is too Rash
Mar 13, 2008 China Agrees to Work With U.S. to Improve Safety of Food Imports
Feb 23, 2008 Time To Get the Lead Out
Jan 22, 2008 Going Green with Packaging
Dec 20, 2007 European Commission to Extend Deadline for Closing Plastic Additives List
Sep 01, 2007 GMPs for Dietary Supplements Address Packaging Quality
Jun 01, 2007 FDA Eases the Way for Food Irradiation and Labeling
May 01, 2007 Warning: Delays Imminent For Clearance Of Food Packaging Materials
Mar 01, 2007 Better Check The EU List Before Selling Food In Plastic Packaging
Feb 01, 2007 Capitol Activities Signal Changes at the FDA
Jan 11, 2007 Europe's New Chemicals Legislation -- "REACH" -- To Take Effect June 1
Jan 01, 2007 The FDA Requires Adverse Event Reporting For Dietary Supplements And OTC Drugs
Dec 01, 2006 European Union May Impose User Fees For Review Of Packaging Materials
Oct 01, 2006 Nano, Nano: The Next Regulatory Wave?
Sep 01, 2006 Updated Guidance Helps Food Packagers Determine Suitability Of Recycled Plastics
Aug 01, 2006 Court Rules: Federal Law Preempts Prop 65 For Tuna Labeling
Jun 09, 2006 House Approves Funding for FCN Program, FDA Continues to Accept and Review FCNs
Jun 01, 2006 FDA Gives 18-Month Reprieve On Allergen Labeling For Soy Lecithin
May 08, 2006 California Adopts New Rule on Methods of Detection as a Defense in Prop. 65 Enforcement Actions
Feb 01, 2006 Food-Contact Packaging Materials May Force Products to Need Allergen Labeling
Jan 09, 2006 New Food Allergen Labeling Law Raises Questions for Packaging Suppliers
Jan 01, 2006 EU Deadline Approaches For Listing And Allowed Use of Plastics Additives
Dec 01, 2005 Is FDA Rudderless in Today's Turbulent Seas?
Oct 01, 2005 USDA Takes Heat on Wooden Pallet Rule
Sep 01, 2005 Getting Tough on Heavy Metals in Packaging
Aug 10, 2005 Pesticide Alert August 2005
Aug 01, 2005 Prop 65 Targets Snack Foods and Baked Goods
Jun 01, 2005 USDA Challenges Prop 65 Warning Labels on Meat and Poultry
Apr 01, 2005 Cosmetic Companies May See More FDA Oversight on Labeling
Mar 01, 2005 Europe Changes Regulations for Food Packaging Materials
Feb 01, 2005 FDA Issues Final Recordkeeping Rule of the Bioterrorism Act
Oct 01, 2004 Changes to Plastic Container Recycling Rates Shift Burden to Users
Sep 01, 2004 FDA Requires Better Labeling for Food Allergens
Aug 01, 2004 FDA Outlines Food Detention Procedures of Bioterrorism Act
Jun 01, 2004 Directive Simplifies Food-Contact Recycled Plastics Laws in Europe
May 04, 2004 Court Strikes Down Prop 65 Warning for OTC Drug
Apr 01, 2004 FDA Suggests Labeling Changes to Attack the Obesity Issue
Mar 01, 2004 Canada's Recycling Programs Make Producers Pay
Jan 01, 2004 Labeling Alcoholic Beverages: Just Give 'em the "Facts"
Jan 01, 2004 Paper and Paperboard: The Basics of Food Additive Regulations
Dec 01, 2003 FDA Excludes Food Packaging Materials from Bioterrorism Regs
Oct 01, 2003 FDA Requires Trans Fatty Acid Labeling for Foods and Dietary Supplements
Sep 01, 2003 FDA Details New Process of Making Qualified Health Claims
Jul 01, 2003 FDA Advances Bioterrorism Proposals for Food Packaging
Jun 01, 2003 FDA Cuts Deadwood Proposals, but Keeps the Roots
May 01, 2003 Irradiation for Packaged Foods: a 'Hot Issue' Again
Apr 01, 2003 Proposed Bioterrorism Regs to Cover Packaging Materials for Foods, Supplements
Mar 01, 2003 FDA Will Allow More Health Claims on Food Labels
Jan 01, 2003 FDA on Irradiation Labeling; Anti-Tampering Laws; and Plastics in the Microwave
Dec 02, 2002 FDA's New Commissioner Will Focus on Food and Drug Packaging Issues
Oct 01, 2002 Proposition 65 Looks To Net Food Products
Sep 01, 2002 'Global' Review of Drug Master Files Hits Packaging Manufacturers
Feb 01, 2002 USDA Implements New Standards For Organic Foods
Aug 01, 2001 USDA Declares: Processing Aids Used by Organic Food Producers Must be on the National List
Jul 26, 2001 While Looking For A Commissioner, FDA Makes Organizational Changes And Reviews Regulations
Jun 01, 2001 Court Gives FDA Greater Latitude In Declaring Dietary Supplements 'Unapproved Drugs'
May 01, 2001 New Proposal Recommends A Single Food Safety Authority In The European Union
May 01, 2001 FDA Issues Compliance Policy Guide For Food Allergen Labeling
May 01, 2001 FDA Cautions Industry Against Mislabeling Foods That Contain Novel Ingredients
Apr 01, 2001 New Web Site Explains Today’s Packaging Laws
Mar 01, 2001 FDA Asks For Voluntary Labeling Of Biotech Foods
Mar 01, 2001 Biotech Foods Must Now Get FDA Clearance Before Going To Market
Feb 01, 2001 OSHA’s Final Ergonomics Rule Sets An Ambiguous “Standard”
Mar 10, 2000 Debate Over Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs): Mandatory Labeling For Biotech Foods May Develop, Despite FDA's Position
Dec 01, 1999 FDA Requires Tamper-Evident Packaging for O-T-C Drugs