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Legislative Commentary

Senators Tell Trump Administration TSCA Reform Implementation is Critical
TSCA Modernization Act White House Signing Ceremony
H.R. 2576 Implementation Chart
President Obama Signs H.R. 2576 Into Law
Republican Commentary on H.R. 2576
Democratic Commentary on H.R. 2576
Comparison of TSCA Proposals on Schedule for Implementation
Comparison of House and Senate Proposals on Preemption
TSCA Reform Approved
Senate Committee Passes Amended TSCA Reform Bill, S. 697
Attorneys General Letter to Senators Inhofe and Boxer
House Report on H.R. 2576 TSCA Modernization Act of 2015
TSCA Reform 2015: A Tale of Two Bills
Senate Committee Report
TSCA Hearing February 26 Provides Preview of Coming Attractions

Legislative Archives

Enrolled Bill
May 24, 2016 House Passed Legislation
Rules Committee Print 114-54 Text of House Amendment to the Senate Amendment to H.R. 2576, TSCA Mod-ernization Act of 2015 May 20, 2016.
Negotiated Conference Bill HR 2576
EPA Administrator McCarthy's Letter to Congress
House Passes TSCA Modernization Act, What's Next
House TSCA Modernization Act Gains Unanimous Bipartisan Support in Subcommittee, But More Work to be Done
TSCA Modernization Act Hearing - June 3, 2015
A Tale of Two Bills
Senate-Passed Legislation, December 17, 2015
House TSCA Modernization Act Amended May 12, 2015
Udall-Vitter Bill
Boxer-Markey Bill
Senator Boxer Releases Confidential TSCA Reform Proposal
2014 House Discussion Draft (CICA)
2013: Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works Holds Hearing on TSCA Reform
2013: U.S. House of Representatives Initiates Series of Hearings to Discuss the Toxic Substances Control Act
2013: Dual Column Integrated Presentation of TSCA and CSIA
TSCA Modernization and The Chemical Safety Improvement Act of 2013 - Webinar Presentation
A Copy of the Chemical Safety Improvement Act Legislation
2013: Summary – Chemical Safety Improvement Act of 2013
The Committee Mark-up of Senator Frank Lautenberg's Safe Chemicals Act of 2011 - Webinar Presentation
2013: Safe Chemicals Act Reintroduced in Identical Form
2012: Summary of the Committee Mark-up of S. 847
2012: Final Amendment to Safe Chemicals Act, S. 847
2011: Summary of Proposed Changes to Safe Chemicals Act
Senate Holds Hearing on Safe Chemicals Act of 2011
Bipartisan Meetings on The Safe Chemicals Act of 2011
2011: Safe Chemicals Act of 2011: The Official Start of TSCA Reform Efforts in the New Congress
Lower Expectations for TSCA Reauthorization in 2011
2010: Environment and Public Works Subcommittee Hearing on "TSCA and Persistent, Bioaccumulative, and Toxic Chemicals: Examining Domestic and International Actions"
2010: The Long Road to TSCA Reform
2010: March 17: Senate Hearing on Children's Health
2010: March 9: Senate Hearing on Business Perspectives on TSCA
2010: Tuesday March 9th: Senate Hearing on TSCA
2010: Environmental Council of States Offers Recommendations for TSCA Reform
2010: Thursday February 4th: Senate Hearing on TSCA
A Different Strategy for 2010 TSCA Reform
2009: New Poll Suggests Bipartisan Support for TSCA Modernization
2009: Energy and Commerce Subcommittee Hearing on "Prioritizing Chemicals for Safety Determination"
2009: Will TSCA Sink or Swim?
2009: TSCA Inventory Needs to be Sustained, Not Depleted
Kid-Safe Chemicals Act of 2008
2005: GAO "Options" Report
GAO Comparison of TSCA and REACH

EPA Regulation, Initiatives and Analysis

EPA Proposes Changes to TSCA Fee Rule New!
EPA Announces Plan to Re-Open TSCA Active-Inactive Inventory Reporting Period to Allow Companies to Correct CBI Claims for Chemical Identity and Submit CBI Substantiations
EPA Releases Fall 2020 Regulatory Agenda, Forecasting a Busy Year Ahead for TSCA
TSCA CDR Deadline Extended to January 29, 2021
EPA Publishes Lists of Manufacturers Subject to TSCA Risk Evaluation Fees
EPA Proposes Landmark Rule Setting General Requirements and Procedures for Guidance Documents
EPA Releases Final Rule Amending Small Manufacturer Definition for Reporting and Recordkeeping Requirements under TSCA Section 8(a)
COVID-19 Unsympathetic to TSCA Compliance
EPA Relaxes TSCA Fee Self-Identification Requirement
EPA Finalizes TSCA CDR Rule
EPA Releases Final TSCA § 8(b) CBI Substantiation and Review Plan Rule - Action Likely Required
Reporting Period Begins for EPA Preliminary Lists of Manufacturers Subject to TSCA Risk Evaluation Fees
Updated EPA "Working Approach" to New Chemical Determinations
December 10, 2019 EPA New Chemicals Public Meeting Presentation
EPA Releases Draft Risk Evaluations for Two More of the "First Ten Chemicals" - 1,4 Dioxane and Cyclic Aliphatic Bromide Cluster (HBCD)
EPA Issues Memorandum Formally Initiating TSCA Inventory "Inactive" Chemical Designation Period
EPA Releases Final Rule on TSCA User Fees
EPA Releases Proposed User Fee Rule for Administration of TSCA
EPA Extends Comment Period for Proposed Mercury Reporting Rule to January 11, 2018
Don't Forget TSCA CBI Substantiations are Due September 19th
EPA Publishes Final Inventory "Reset" Rule, Sets Reporting Dates
EPA Finalizes TSCA Inventory Reset Rule
EPA Issues TSCA Proposal for Prioritization of Chemicals for Risk Evaluations
EPA Issues Proposal for TSCA Chemical Risk Evaluation
TSCA Import Certification Requirements Amended
EPA to Require Up-Front Substantiation of All Non-Exempt CBI Claims
EPA Issues Proposal on TSCA Inventory "Reset"
EPA Issues 3 New Notices Taking Action under Amended TSCA
EPA Invites Public Comments on Candidates for Science Advisory Committee on Chemicals
Announcement and Implications of First 10 Chemicals to Undergo Risk Evaluation
Several TSCA Rulemakings Pending OMB Review
EPA Sends TSCA Prioritization Risk Review Rule to OMB
EPA Extends Comment Period on SNUR Proposal
EPA Announces Deadline Extension for 2016 TSCA CDR Submissions
EPA Notice 8/26/2016 - Mercury Compounds; Prohibition of Export
Chemical Safety Advisory Committee Minutes No. 2016-02
EPA Issues Short-Term Implementation Measures under the Lautenberg Act
EPA Notice 8/26/2016 - Science Advisory Committee on Chemicals; Establishment of a Federal Advisory Committee
EPA announces peer review meeting on August 15 and 16, 2016 on the draft document guidelines for human exposure assessment. For more information, click here.
EPA announces public meetings on August 9 and 10, 2016 for input on the processes for risk evaluation, and chemical prioritization for risk evaluation under the amended TSCA. Click here for more information.
Implementation of Modernized TSCA Begins
For a copy of the June 30 EPA Webinar on TSCA Implementation, click here
EPA Launches a New Chemical Safety Advisory Committee for TSCA
New TSCA Chemical Safety Advisory Committee (CSAC) Now Active
On March 3, 2016, EPA released a draft risk assessment for 1-Bromopropane used in spray adhesives, dry cleaning applications, and degreasing uses. Public comments are due 60 days from publication in the Federal Register. Click here for more information.
For the current status of EPA's assessments of existing chemicals under the TSCA Work Plan Program and related documents click here
For a list of the Work Plan Chemicals, click here
EPA Proposes Information Collection Rule for Manufacturers and Processors of Existing Nanomaterials
2012: EPA Identifies 7 Initial Work Plan Chemicals for 2012 Risk Assessment
2010: EPA Issues Eleventh Hour "Action Plans" for Classes of Chemicals