New Web Site Explains Today’s Packaging Laws

Date: Apr 01, 2001

PackagingLaw.com is Keller and Heckman's free online resource for news and analysis of food and drug packaging regulations around the world.

PackagingLaw.com provides essential information on packaging and related issues in an easy-to-find format and in a timely fashion. It's the leading source of regulatory information for the global packaging community.

Site features include:

  • Current news of developments in packaging regulations worldwide;

  • An in-depth look at a different "hot topic" each month;

  • An explanation of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration's new Food Contact Notification program, as well as the various packaging regulations encountered when selling products in the European Union.

The site also has a calendar of educational and continuing legal education opportunities and a list of Internet links to a variety of other packaging-related resources. Visitors can even submit general questions about packaging regulation to the Keller and Heckman packaging practice group.

Used with permission. Copyright FOOD & DRUG PACKAGING, April, 2001.

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